Book: “America, Christ’s Top Nation Has Fallen”

My book is the result of over 30 years of studying the whole Bible at once while having a long appreciation of the Christianity of America’s founding fathers and how they founded America. Given my love of the Bible and my love of the founders and constantly being burdened about the wrong paths America takes, how could I not write a book?

This book is a compilation of what I’ve learned about my own life and what I see in America’s governance and our evangelical churches and how they can bring about the changes our nation desperately needs. After years of searching how the Bible instructs both individuals and their nations, I learned to ponder things when I awoke at night like David did and the Lord started giving me insights. For instance, after pondering for months about how brilliant people can be so deluded as to be far from scriptural truths, the Lord woke me early one morning in a Florida campground and gave me the answer. I should have, but did not expect the shockingly simple answer that there is no wisdom without fear of the Lord and it is all over the Bible! I have since received other insights and often marvel at the insights a searching Christian mind will be given.

Some of the insights that you will learn in this book are:

  1. How the Sovereign Lord sees you before you have been alive one day and some of the ways he can nurture and sustain your body and your nation.
  2. Where the Bible describes a dinosaur and tells how it existed alongside man.
  3. The kind of government the Lord requires and how it must be centered on him to thrive.
  4. How the history of Israel is meant to instruct us who follow and how nothing but yielding to Christ, the Governor of the World can work well because it is his creation.
  5. How the founders understood America’s connection with Israel and its history and how and why they insisted on implementing Christianity in America.
  6. How the Lord made America one of his top nations, if not the only one, and watched over it, while in no way replacing Israel as his special nation.
  7. The Bibles description of what a fallen nation is and how America has met the criteria of being a fallen nation.
  8. How and when America rebelled against the Lord and fell is shown along with charts from our data prone society proving the rebellion and fall.
  9. Two of the main reasons our nation will be destroyed if we do not change our ways are shown using scripture.
  10. America and its churches are suffering mightily because of how some Christians act in the secrecy of the voting booth.

The book covers many more subjects in 23 chapters and 400 pages containing much scripture as it shows how America has fallen from where it started. The cleansing of America’s evangelical churches will lead to repentance and revival and America’s renewal.

“America, Christ’s Top Nation Has Fallen” is now available on Amazon, Sony and other E book sites.


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