5-26-14 Misconceptions on Paul Revere and the Minutemen

In Memorial of America’s Very First Military Losses
Galatians 5:1 It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.
Before we get into this post about Paul Revere and the Minutemen, let us ponder the shots heard around the world and ponder what Jesus Christ, The Great Governor of the Universe, had to do with them. When the first bullets were fired at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts on April 19th, 1775; America, for the most part, was trying to avoid going to war with England, but now that the Bible was available to common man, and since Americans were about 99% Christians at our founding, they understood that it was for freedom that Jesus Christ set men free and intelligent men were no longer content to be treated as second class citizens of England. They understood that Christ set them free of being under a yoke of slavery.
If you read my book, America, Christ’s Top Nation Has Fallen, you know that when Wycliffe first translated the Bible into English, he wrote in the flyleaf of that Bible that, this Bible is now translated and will make possible government by people for people! You will also read about the role Christ played in America’s discovery, foundation and gaining independence.
I did not know much about Paul Revere until I came across David Hackett Fischer’s book Paul Revere’s Ride. I knew he was famous for his craftsmanship in silver and that he made the famous ride warning the people in Lexington and Concord that the British Army was coming; but, I had no idea of the extent Paul Revere was involved in and a leader in so much of the American revolution. For instance; there were seven different groups around Boston that were involved in matters leading up to the revolution with England and Paul Revere and Doctor Warren were the only two involved in all seven groups. You would be more familiar with Doctor Warren but he died early on in the battle of Bunker Hill.
Paul Revere helped organize the Minuteman warning system for when the battles of the revolutionary war started. He was not the only one sent out by a supporting cast the night before the first shots were fired at Lexington and Concord by the British on April 19th, 1775. As Paul Revere and Thomas Dawes took different routes to Concord, they would awaken the militia leaders in each town they went through and that town would in turn send out others on established routes to warn other militias. It was a good thing that two of them were sent out because Paul Revere was captured and held until he escaped a little later.
In many, if not most of the towns, the person they warned was the clergyman for that village. Many of the militias were formed in churches and mustered in those churches. While Minuteman, they took time to pray before entering into battle. The involvement of their church was as natural as can be to these Christians. There would have been little resistance to British rule but these people understood the Bible and how they had been set free! There would have been little resistance to the wrongs of the English rulers without the clergy of that time. These people would find the non-involvement of most of the churches of today in political issues rewriting the things they fought for really strange and unfathomable.
Where was Paul Revere when the bullets started flying at Lexington? He and a helper were struggling to get a heavy trunk full of important American documents that had been taken to Lexington for safe keeping and put in the attic of a tavern, relocated while right in the sight of the battle and the British enemy!
By 9:30 AM almost all the militias around Boston had been warned and they came and helped battle the British all the way from Concord and Lexington, back to Boston. The British troops struggled mightily and suffered significant losses on the way back to Boston all that day into the evening and there the militia surrounded them and held them. While the British troops marched down roads, they suffered severe losses as the Minutemen carried out a tough to perform encircling maneuver and kept them under fire from front, sides, and rear all the way back to Boston.
Paul Revere was into everything and was well known to not only the leadership around Boston but too many of America’s revolutionary war leaders. From December of 1773 to November of 1774, he made four trips to Philadelphia and back at the request of revolutionary leaders in the Boston area as a liaison on important matters to the American congress meeting in Philadelphia. On a 350 mile one way trip through areas with mere trails in many places when compared to roads, he made the trip in as little as 5 days! He made many other trips as liaison to other areas as well.
Another misconception of America’s first battles with the British is that the Minutemen were not very organized and hid behind rock walls and trees and took pot shots at the British. Here is what some of the British said after that first battle as quoted on page 202 of Fischer’s Paul Revere’s Ride:
1. We saw a large body of men drawn up with the greatest regularity …. with as much order as best disciplined troops.” -British Ensign Jeremy Lister in Concord
2. They began to march by divisions down upon us from their left in a very military manner. -British Lt. Wm. Sutherland, at the North Bridge
3. Whoever dares to look upon them as an irregular mob, will find himself much mistaken. They have men amongst them who know very well what they are about. –Brigadier Lord Hugh Percy after returning from Lexington
The British had low esteem for the Americans before that battle and many didn’t even think the American’s would or could fight. After that day, the informed British realized they were up against a foe to be reckoned with. Prior to this, King George and other English leaders badgered their leader of British Army forces in America, General Gage, that if he would only try to subdue the Americans, he would succeed!
After the war, Paul Revere became one of New England’s biggest industrialists. He put his son in charge of the silver production, which was no longer custom made, it was now mass produced. Paul started several other enterprises where he produced the copper cladding for the USS Constitution amongst other things. He had a bell foundry and produced the bell that is rung to this very day on April 19th to celebrate the shot heard around the world. He made boiler plate for Robert Fulton’s steam engines and canons for America’s forts and warships.
We Americans need to use a little logic this Memorial Day and ask ourselves, if Christ set us free and the early Churches of America taught us why we needed to be free and insisted we be free, how is it that we Americans have now become enslaved by an overwhelming all intrusive government which approves of wickedness so vulgar our founders would not even discuss it and all this takes place with either the tacit approval of many of Christ Churches or silence on these matters by the rest of Christ’s church? How could this happen? I talk of America’s rebellion and fall and seem to be alone and wonder why!
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