4-22-14 Drawn to Christ

4-22-14 Drawn to Christ
John 12:32 And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.
What draws you to Christ? A lot of things draw me to Christ and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by what it is as I was not expecting to be drawn to Christ in that moment. I love Ohio’s Amish country and love to leisurely tour it in my roadster with the top down. One day a few years ago, as I started towards Amish country, I started praying that the Lord give me an artist’s eye and my prayer was answered for that day. My roadster turns really sharp and I made u turn after u turn that day to go back and get a picture. How I wish I had an artist eye all the time as I saw a lot of little things that day that I would normally not notice.
One picture was of a really big work horse leaning right up against a barb wire fence and ignoring the barbs as he grazed on the green lush grass on the other side of the fence. Another was of a chicken flock that had just been moved to a grassy field along with their house which was mounted on a wagon so it could be moved from time to time. I noted how content those chickens appeared and that is one of the reasons I buy cage free eggs. Getting Christ involved in that day made for a great day and we all should work harder at letting Christ be in all of our days.
We just celebrated Easter three days ago and it was really joyful at our church and later with our extended family. Isn’t it sad to think some people are not drawn to Christ even at Easter! One of the things that helps keep me drawn to Christ is pondering His sovereignty with the realization that I can have a personal relationship to the creator of everything who is sovereign over everything! To think that I was on His mind while he hung on the cross is very humbling.
Please ponder this. The same creator saw us before he created the world and sustains us in it. He even wrote our names in the book of life before the universe was created and can erase our names from it. To sustain us, He holds our world and universe together (Colossians 1:15-18). We are fearfully and wonderfully made as David tells us in Psalm 139. The same Psalm informs us that He is so in love with us that He knows everything we will do before we do it! Before we came to be, He saw us in the atoms we were made from. A cell is so complicated that it is beyond the realm of probability that one cell could come out of the primordial soup without Christ creating it and then to think Christ replaces about a trillion cells a day in each of us to replace those we lose each day.
Christ is sustaining us each day in ways we cannot begin to comprehend. As John Muir, who pondered nature to the point he would climb a big tree and tie himself to it so he could experience a fierce Sierra Mountain storm as the tree did, said everything is tied to every other thing. When I saw that statement in a museum, I wanted to shout yes and it is Jesus Christ the creator and Lord of all that ties everything together! Not only is Christ sustaining the over six billion people on earth, he is loving and caring for everything he created. Everything is really all about Jesus so let us praise Him today.
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