America’s Rebellion and Christ, Part 2 America’s World War II Miracle

Exodus 11:7 and other verses tell us the Lord distinguishes between his people and others. What follows is evidence of this:
In my previous post on America’s rebellion, I noted while it is hard to find the evidence of the rebellion, it is there if you searched hard enough. In fact, I found the evidence of the rebellion on almost every theme I then searched for. One of the things I do because I understand how Jesus Christ, the Great Governor of the Universe, made promises to bless nations who follow him; is look for evidence of Christ blessings or curses in unusual places and I have found that very rewarding.
There is abundant evidence that a miracle took place in America during World War II. The evidence is in a marvelous book by Arthur Herman titled Freedom’s Forge about how America basically doubled all production between 1940 and 1945 while wages rose 70% (page 337)! While the author does not give Christ the credit for this miracle in his book, I clearly see Christ’s hand and here is why. In Europe, wickedly evil Nazi Germany was defeating country after country and America would be next if England fell. Christ also saw what was happening to his chosen people, the Jews, who were being slaughtered. England and Russia needed help or they would fail. Christ helped America become that help.
Have you noted how America is struggling and has been losing ground economically ever since socialism has overwhelmed American politics? Do they ever give credit to Christ for what America has? Have you noted how the founding fathers gave Christ credit at every opportunity? The founding fathers gave Christ credit for the courage to declare independence, for winning the Revolutionary War, for the miracle of our Constitution and free enterprise meeting their needs as they often called for days of prayer and fasting. George Washington proclaimed it was the duty of all nations to acknowledge Christ and our second president John Adams concurred as did Thomas Jefferson.
What a sad day it was when America thumbed its nose at our creator and in effect said we will no longer follow your ways as they rebelled against him, and then took prayer and the Bible out of public schools! America has been struggling ever since. The sad part is that America cannot see its rebellion and the struggle will continue until America recognizes its rebellion and seeks forgiveness for rebelling against Christ and his ways. God help me; that is why I wrote my e book, America, Christ’s Top Nation Has Fallen.
Ideas gathered from Arthur Herman’s Freedoms Forge:
1. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) appointed Bill Knudsen, President of General Motors and a master of production to get American production of America’s arsenal going.
2. Knudsen made a crucial decision to let the big companies decide what they wanted to produce and did it right in the midst of the New Dealers who insisted the government control everything with the unions help and insisted these companies should not make a profit! I don’t know if Knudsen realized it, but didn’t Christ set us free so we could flourish as long as we followed his ways and the Bible never states anyone should not profit for their labor? And flourish they did by ever increasing production even as Knudsen and his helpers had to fight off the New Dealers, the unions and socialism every step of the way!
3. America’s production plant had become obsolete during the depression and because of taxing business and giving more power to labor unions. Page 112
4. At the beginning, America’s production of war materials lagged behind Germany, Japan and England, whose survival depended on Americas help, as did Russia.
5. One of the first things Knudsen did in the spring of 1941 is tell the machine tool producers to double, redouble and then redouble production! Machine tools are normally long lead time items needed before new production can even begin. That this took place is a miracle. By 1942, just one company was making a new machine tool every 17 minutes, around the clock seven days a week. Page 149
6. After the attack on Pearl Harbor when the Japanese declared war on America, FDR wanted a big boost in airplane production from 1941 numbers; which were already impressive because over 19,000 planes had already been produced. He asked for 30,000 but Knudsen and his team had already decided 45,000 planes were doable for 1942. The next day FDR announced to the world that America would produce 60,000 planes in 1942 and 125,000 in the following year and added a couple of zeros to other items as well and followed that with, these figures will give the Japanese and Nazis an idea of what they accomplished with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Having spent 48 years in defense production since 1959, when it became difficult to produce planes by the hundreds, even when spread across many years; these numbers dumbfound me. Please note that America advanced to building a plane every five minutes and producing 150 tons of steel every minute! Page 157 & 158 and 283
7. Knudsen’s reward? The New Dealers managed to get him replaced with a New Dealer, who after taking charge realized how right Knudsen was and didn’t change his plans. By now, a new “Rule of Three” was had taken place in Americas arsenal. In the first year after a production order, output would triple, in the second it would go up by a factor of seven, and after that it depended on the availability of material and labor (Page 167). America, if only you would realize that miracles like this were possible because America was still under Christ and his free enterprise! Compare that with today’s efforts to grow the economy, which now seems impossible, and where our highly regulated economy is not even keeping up with population growth. Pure and simple, nations prosper under Christ and struggle when not.
8. The Germans were sinking American merchant ships so fast that America had to produce replacements by the hundreds. Henry Kaiser and a few others were producing so many big, over five hundred feet long, Liberty cargo ships that with special effort they welded up one in four days and outfitted it so it was in full service in ten days. He said this is a miracle of God and of the genius of free American workmen! Having spent time at a Navy base with thirty of these moth balled Liberty ships, this impresses me no end and gives new meaning to, Galatians 5:1 It was for freedom that Christ set us free.
9. In five years, America produced 141 aircraft carriers, eight battleships, 807 cruisers, destroyers, and destroyer escorts and 203 submarines, 18,434 navy ships plus 16,000 landing craft in total (page 247), 52 million tons of merchant shipping (reaching 160 Liberty ships a month in 1943 and 50 merchant ships a day in 1944 and 8 aircraft carriers a month -page 283!), 88,410 tanks and self propelled guns, 258,000 artillery pieces, 2.4 million trucks, 2.6 million machine guns, and 41 billion rounds of ammunition! In aircraft, America produced 324,750, averaging 170 a day after 1942. America not only armed America but England and Russia also. In the mean time America supplied enough raw materials to make England and Russia number two and three in production. Page 335 and 336
10. America’s total economic production doubled in five years as wages roses by 70% all while America did not have to ride herd on American production! That is absolutely amazing when compared to today’s effort. Now that American democrat socialist are riding herd on production, the results are strangling American production and the high paying jobs America so badly needs are harder and harder to get! Page 337
Please read Arthur Herman’s book, Freedoms Arsenal. I haven’t begun to tell of all the wonders in this book. One them being that the liberals didn’t get that this miracle of American production was the result of free enterprise and still thought they and the unions could have managed it better! Industrial output is now severely hampered by the excessive control of liberalism, regulation and taxation.
America, don’t you wish America would repent and seek Christ’s help so we can thrive again instead of suffering under liberalism?
Also, America must realize how important it is for America to support God’s chosen people and nation of Israel. Know that Christ’s help make this story of America’s miracle possible. After the war, Israel was made a nation to the very day the Bible predicted and Israel now is receiving the help of Christ, The Great Governor of the Universe, not for their sake but for his names sake, Ezekiel 36:22-32.
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