10-21-13 99 Proof Beltway Soup

99 Proof Beltway Soup is an intoxicating satanic witch’s brew that has addicted all of America’s 100 senators but one Republican senator, Senator Cruse! The lows our corrupted senators have sunk to are beyond belief. Last night 60 Minutes even pointed out that after they passed a law saying no one could benefit from leftover campaign funds they quickly found their way back to the pig trough with personal political pacts. Of course there are proposed laws to correct this outrage in this ongoing charade and they will still be un-acted on for years to come.
What a shame, an open mike caught the republican senator know for his conservatism, Rand Paul, and the republican leader of the senate, Mitch McConnell, lamenting about how long they would have to carry on the charade of supporting Senator Cruse, evidently, so they could get back to the pig trough of Obama care subsidies which they now have.
This intoxicating satanic witch’s brew is even consumed by many evangelical Christians and that appears to be fine with the evangelical churches in our fallen nation! If this soup had been consumed at America’s founding there would be no America. Now that this brew is widely being consumed, America’s demise is imminent. This sickening brew will cause America’s death.
This Beltway Soup has more side effects than just intoxicating those who consume it. Here is a partial list of the ill effects of Beltway Soup consumption:
1. It affects the vision of those who consume it to the point they can no longer see its harmful side effects.
2. After years of consumption, those who have consumed it are spoiled rotten.
3. They are so intoxicated and blinded that they now think man’s blessings are now in their hands instead of the only one that can truly bless man on a sustained basis, our Lord and Creator, Jesus Christ, The Great Governor of the Universe.
4. In their intoxication, those inside the beltway even think they can control where The Great Governor is allowed and where he will not be tolerated throughout America!
5. Evidently, they haven’t heard that they need to defer to the Great Governor or they will be destroyed in their way (Psalm 2, Deuteronomy 28, and the Bible in general).
6. Beltway Soup appears to be as addictive as crack cocaine and those inside, and some outside, Washington’s beltway must have it no matter what the costs.
7. Those who consume this addictive witch’s brew quickly forget they were sent to Washington to benefit the people who elected them instead of themselves.
8. With consumption of Beltway Soup the morals of those outside the beltway are forgotten and exchanged for the loose morals inside the beltway!
9. Consumption of beltway Soup causes normally sane people to think they are now royalty deserving any benefit they can think of from those they were meant to benefit!
10. Most of them appear to be following their god who is usually high up in Air Force One headed for another session of airing his mind in front of an adoring chosen audience!
Look at the recipe for this satanic, witch’s brew of Beltway Soup:
1. Its main ingredient is the blood, sweat and tears of productive Americans and the never ending cry for more is sapping the life blood from productive Americans.
2. It is a putrid brew based on rotten to the core big government.
3. It even has the essence of republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham!
4. It contains all the failed, unexposed, ideas of liberalism that are still there because hardly anyone holds liberals responsible for their failures so the ingredients of this witch’s brew remain unchanged because it keeps on providing nourishment for liberals and their republican followers while it sickens the rest of America.
5. The only requirement for the ingredients is that they make liberals feel good no matter how their consumption sickens the rest of us.
6. Taxes are the essence of liberalism and an essential ingredient in this soup. Have you noticed that if they want more Beltway Soup, they must have more taxes!
7. Anything at all from the Tea Party ruins this soup and must be removed quickly before anyone tastes the improvement.
8. Anything smacking of Christianity would also spoil this soup and must be kept out of the soup or it might actually nourish the nation instead of those inside the beltway.
9. Greed for what others have is an absolute necessity for this soup and its consumers. It has become after we get ours, we will tell you what you can have!
10. An amazing thing about this Beltway Soup is that it is taking the nourishment of the American republic away and hardly anyone notices!
This is an unusual post for me. After the current debacle, I’ve lost a taste for the news and the notes for the devotion I was going to post today. I now need to post this before I change my mind while I hope some of you will see the fallacy of what government is at this time and the defeatism of most republicans.
Love all of you, especially any liberal who might read this.
Ron Madison at http://www.americaisafallennation.com

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