10-15-13 Obama’s Christianity?

President Obama proclaimed to America that he is a Christian. In an effort to not be misled in the end times as Christ warned us in Matthew 24, I think we need to look between the lines of his declaration on Christianity. His first calls after taking office were to the leaders of the Muslim world and then others. He bowed to a Saudi King, indicating he was a Muslim (after the furor that caused, he bowed to others!): http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/pages/obama/obama-saudi-muslim-undercover-operative.htm
Christian, know that if Obama is a Muslim, it is perfectly acceptable for him to lie to us about his Christianity. At this website you will find where both the Qur’an and Hadith call lying an acceptable form of Jihad: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/quran/011-taqiyya.htm
When Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim brother hood gained control of Egypt, persecution of Christianity began. http://wdtprs.com/blog/2013/08/churches-burned-in-egypt-everyone-should-know-about-this/ 46 churches and 12 Christian institutions were torched or otherwise destroyed while Christians were brutally murdered. Isn’t it strange that Obama has never once mentioned a word condemning this brutality or has he tried to stop it. While, maybe when we ponder it, is not so strange!
Here is what Kirsten Powers, who regularly appears on Fox News and is at the Daily Beast, and is a declared liberal with family in Egypt wrote about this: The group that “renounced violence” in an effort to gain political power is engaged in a full-scale campaign of terror against Egypt’s Christian minority. Brotherhood leaders have incited their followers to attack Christian homes, shops, schools and churches throughout the country. Samuel Tadros, an Egyptian scholar with the Hudson Institute, told me these attacks are the worst violence against the Coptic Church since the 14th century. Please read her whole article at http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/08/22/the-muslim-brotherhood-s-war-on-coptic-christians.html
This gets even stranger. Our Christian President Obama, who has found no need to speak up against the brutality of Christians in Egypt, was so incensed when the Egyptian military arrested the newly elected democratic, Muslim Brotherhood, leader Mohamed Morsi, he was on the phone protesting with an hour of the arrest! He was that upset that the rules of democracy were violated. Somehow he failed to see that the brutalization of Christians and the destruction of their places of worship and institutions under the Muslim Brotherhood was also against the rules of democracy.
In fact, Obama is so incensed at the Egyptian militaries breach of the rules of democracy and civility that he has threatened to cancel a lot of the aid America gives to Egypt’s military because America has benefited from their stabilizing force in the Muslim world: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/10/world/middleeast/obama-military-aid-to-egypt.html?pagewanted=2&_r=0 Things will go very bad for America if it ever stops blessing Israel and guess who is very concerned about the loss of aid to the Egyptian military? The Israelites are terribly concerned about the loss of stability in the Sinai.
It isn’t just Egypt lamenting the loss of U.S. military and financial aid: Israel fears a cutoff will hamper Egyptian efforts to quell jihadists in the Sinai Peninsula, where they threaten to destabilize the entire region.
The Obama administration’s decision to withhold a significant amount of much-needed military equipment as well as some $260 million in aid to Egypt comes as the nation’s interim government is locked in a bloody fight with heavily-armed Islamist militias in the Sinai Peninsula. If the jihadists mustering there can’t be stopped, Israeli officials fear they could use the lawless territory to launch attacks not only on Cairo, but also on Israel.
“The situation in Sinai is deteriorating and is becoming of grave concern, not just for Israel, but first and foremost for Egypt, because violence in Sinai is infiltrating into mainland Egypt,” one Israel official told FoxNews.com. “It seems that jihadis are getting bolder every time, and with every action they pose a real threat to national security in Egypt, not to mention to security on the border, and potentially to Israel.”

Look at the amazing things that come up when you do a search using this entry: Has Obama declared he is a Christian? So, American Christians, what do you think?
Ron Madison

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