10-11-13 Why America is Not in the Bible Part 3

Part 3
After Jeremiah gave us his book on the messages the Lord gave the Israelites through Jeremiah, he gave us the book of Lamentations. In Jeremiah, and the books of other prophets, the Lord tried and tried to work with his errant people and turn them from destruction; but they spurned the Lord and went down in defeat. The Old Testament history is a gift to us who follow to keep us from error.
America, will you please consider this, as Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 10:1-6 and 11, what happened to the Israelites is meant to teach us who follow. Like Israel, America was richly blessed by Godly founders and as long as America followed Christianity, we were richly blessed as Israel was. America, you may not think the top nation promises in Deuteronomy 28 applied to America, but America’s history of being highly blessed proves you wrong.
Likewise, America, just like Israel has become a cursed nation since our rebellion in 1963. America was in terrible financial straits and they elected a leader who is digging the hole deeper at every turn and then lifts his nose in the air and says, I will not negotiate as the constitution requires even though he taught the constitution while a university professor and America can’t catch on to what he is doing! Amazing!
The first 14 verses of Deuteronomy 28, list all the ways a nation can be blessed when adhering to the Lords ways and the next 54 verses are all the ways a nation will be cursed if they turn against the Lord. Just like Israel, America has turned against the Lord. A lot of Americans do not like to read Deuteronomy 28 because of how terrible some of these curses are, like during the siege of Jerusalem, the famine became so great; women would eat their own children.
The five chapters of the book of Lamentations, that Jeremiah wrote, confirm that what Deuteronomy 28 predicted as did what Jeremiah predicted in chapters 50 and 51 and other chapters. Jeremiah wrote Lamentations when the horrible predictions did come true.
Here is proof that those terrible predictions in the curses of Deuteronomy 28 did come true:
Lamentations 5:1-2: Remember, O LORD, what has befallen us; look, and see our disgrace! Our inheritance has been turned over to strangers, our homes to aliens.
Lamentations 2:20 Should women eat their offspring, the children they have borne?
Lamentations 4:10 The hands of compassionate women have boiled their own children; they became their food in the destruction of my people.
America, there is more at http://www.americaisafallennation.com and my book America, Christ’s Top Nation Has Fallen. Please help spread these dire warnings for the nation we love.
Ron Madison

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