10-8-13 Why America is not in the Bible

Part 1
Down through the years I have heard people wondering why a big powerful nation like America is not in the Bible. I no longer wonder. America is a fallen nation and will not play a major or any role at all in the end times and that is why there is no need for America to be in the Bible. I suspect America will be destroyed before the end comes because it turns against Israel which looks more and more likely when we have leaders who fear losing their popularity with the voters and the world more than they fear God.
The Old Testament is the story of Israel as a tiny nation becoming very powerful and prosperous when under the Lord and receiving severe punishment when it rebelled. If only Christianity would have prevailed in America’s governance until the end. We would still be a powerful nation instead of floundering under leadership following Satan’s ways. Why have a story about America in the Bible when he have Israel’s history?
Look at Israel today. Watch this video The Burden Against Damascus. It will take about an hour but I promise you that seeing how the Lord is working in our time, in Israel, will make it extremely worthwhile. When you see how the Lord is blessing Israel, weep for America and our evangelical churches. It seems every group in America has an agenda that will lead to the destruction of America while the evangelical church will not even confront those liberal Christians among us who vote for the leaders destroying America in numbers large enough to swing any election and these are the people who can most easily be changed if the church would convict them of this evil. In the secrecy of the voting booth they vote for those who insist on abortion, gay rights and the welfare state which is hard at work trying to replace God or some benefit they desire from others. The evangelical church cannot stop abortion with some in the church voting for it. I don’t see any way massive repentance can come to America when the evangelical church, where it is most likely to come from, sees no reason for those who support these evil things of the left to repent so the church can be cleansed and become the powerful church that Christ intended in national affairs.
America, please see the difference from where we used to be compared to the exact opposite where we are now. In 1844 a case reached the Supreme Court when Stephan Girard left 7 million dollars to Philadelphia with the stipulation that they build a school for orphans and not let any clergy have anything whatsoever to do with the school. When the heirs fought over this estate it reached the Supreme Court and Daniel Webster, defended Philadelphia’s right to build the school and teach Christianity. Justice Story, one of the Fathers of Americas Jurisprudence, placed on the court by James Madison, gave the unanimous opinion. The court ruled that Christianity could not be excluded from the school:
Christianity …. Is not to be maliciously and openly reviled and blasphemed against to the annoyance of believers or the injury of the public …. It is unnecessary for us, however, to consider …. The establishment of a school or college for the propagation of …. Deism or any other form of infidelity. Such a case in not to be presumed to exist in a Christian country.
The court then pointed out that while the will prohibited clergy it did not prohibit Christian laymen and therefore: Why may not laymen instruct in the general principals of Christianity as well as ecclesiastics (clergy)! This wisdom is from my Founders Bible which has over a thousand eye opening items like the above.
Note the concern that Christians be offended? Since America’s fall, America has become overly concerned about offending Muslims, gays, atheist and etc. but few leaders care if Christians are offended. America is the opposite of what it was in about the first two hundred years of our history. Note their concern that Christianity not be taught in schools in our past compared with the concern it might be taught now? Since America’s fall, just about everything but Christianity can be taught unless a few Christians rise up and complain and fight for the rights of Christians.
Could it be that instead of selecting men for leadership who have exhibited fear of the Lord as taught in the Bible and the blessings that flow from that, we have elected men whom the Lord hates: Proverbs 6:16-19: There are six things which the LORD hates, Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: 17Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood, 18 A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that run rapidly to evil, 19 A false witness who utters lies, And one who spreads strife among brothers. Do you see any resemblance to anyone leading America? Could the Lord be laughing at these haughty leaders Psalm 2:1-4: Why are the nations in an uproar and the peoples devising a vain thing? 2 The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers take counsel together against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying, 3 “Let us tear their fetters apart and cast away their cords from us!” 4 He who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord scoffs at them. Psalm 2 ends with this almost totally ignored warning: Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth .11 Serve the LORD with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling. 12 Kiss his son, or he will be angry and your way will lead to your destruction, for his wrath can flare up in a moment. Blessed are all who take refuge in him. If you would, please also read at all of psalm 140 and especially verses 6 and 8.
What follows is three more ways America is now the opposite of where we were before our fall:
1. Compare how once Christian America now has an atheist advising the pentagon on where Christianity needs to be removed from the services to the Bible story of how the Lord instructed Israel they should send home any troops that were afraid or if they had a new wife and so on even when an opposing army was greater than them because with the Lord’s guidance and help, few soldiers were needed (Deuteronomy 20)! Note how George Washington’s motto for his troops was No king but King Jesus and their marching song, Chester, gave glory to the Lord.
2. Compare Obama’s five year economic recovery, which doesn’t even keep up with population growth, to The Great Governor helping a still Christian America come out of the great depression, which Roosevelt’s socialism could not do, and double our total rate of production in the five years between 1939 and 1944 so America could defeat The Great Governors enemies killing his Jewish people in Germany. This, even after America had spent twenty years flirting with godless communism and trying to implement socialism. There is a huge lesson here for America if it chooses not to support Israel in the future!
3. Compare the lad David slaying Goliath as the whole army of Israel cowered to the victory Ted Cruz will be given if the Republicans don’t cave out from under him. Isn’t it refreshing to see one of over five hundred congressman more concerned for the nation while just about everyone else in congress is fretting about losing their positions because they have all the benefits of royalty? Ask yourself, do they really want, as the Republicans claim, to end all the special exemptions to Obama care cost as they claim but notice how anxiously many are hoping this threat is removed from them as quickly as possible as an open microphone showed this past week.
We have a once powerful Christian nation perishing for lack of Christian leadership and those closest to Christ’s leadership in His evangelical church do not want the job as they refuse to get involved in politics! That is an unfathomable tragedy for a once Christian nation. The Old Testament has story after story of how just one God fearing leader could get a whole nation back to prosperity!
Ron Madison

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