America’s Concise Christ Filled History

This is an introduction to a series of posts I am working on about Christ and America and our history.
We need to start with Christ since nothing that has been created has been created apart from Christ. As Christ was creating the world he saw each of us in the atoms we were to be made from. That is how he knew us before we had one day. He knew when we would have our first and last days on earth. Since he knew all that, he also knew which nation we would be born in and whether we would be in heaven with him some day. There is nothing about us he did not know.
We also need to know that Christ governs in the affairs of men since He is The Great Governor of the Universe he created. As part of governing, He laid down rules that when followed, the citizens of the world would be blessed or cursed if they turned from Christ. He also put in place blessing for hard work and kindness to their fellow man for nations that did not yet know him. In order for the world to understand this, Christ picked a small weak nation and made it a special nation and gave us the history of the blessings and curses that nation received in the Bibles Old Testament so every nation to come in the future would know how to followed Christ so they would in turn be blessed or cursed if they did not follow Christ.
Christ went so far as to finance Israel with the gold and silver of Egypt and later covenanted with Israel on how they could be a top nation and never under any other nation if they continued to follow him and how they would be cursed if they failed to follow his ways. The history of how Israel was blessed and cursed is throughout the Old Testament and needs to be closely studied in America’s schools as one solution for the recovery of our fallen nation.
America also became a top nation and the top nation status lasted until America rebelled in 1963 when it thumbed its nose at the Great Governor of the Universe and said we will no longer follow your ways and then took prayer and the bible out of public schools. Christ was working on blessing America before our continent was discovered. Wycliffe was the first to translate the Bible into English in the late 1300’s and wrote in the flyleaf, the Bible is now translated and will make possible governments for people by people. In 1492 Columbus discovered America when he was led by the Holy Spirit as he sailed off into the unknown to find people to evangelize for Christ. Pilgrims and others were driven by that same spirit. The first loose confederation of New England states, says: where as we have all came into these parts to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ! In 1641 these colonies realized they needed to teach Christianity to young people and established schools to do so. It was called the Old Deluder Satan law.
The cause of Israel and America falling was lack of fear of the Lord and the resulting ignorance. When men who lack the fear of the Lord rule; there is always disaster. My book, Christ’s Top Nation Has Fallen, gives much detail and proof of all this. At you will also find similar thought provoking post and more about Christ’s role in the founding and governing America.
Ron Madison

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